Recorder, Marie Krutzfield


Marie Krutzfield

Candidate for Jones County, Recorder, Marie Krutzfield

I am Marie Krutzfield. I was employed as Deputy recorder three years prior to being appointed to Jones County Recorder in September of 1998, then elected as Recorder in the November election. I am running for my fourth term as Jones County Recorder. I worked at the Monticello State Bank in Monticello, Iowa, for 20 years prior to coming to the Jones County Recorder’s office.

My husband Larry,  is employed by the City of Anamosa, we will be married 39 years this year. We have two daughters, and three grandchildren. We have always been residents of Jones County.

I have a staff of one full-time employee and one part-time clerk. We process all Real Estate Transactions that occur  in Jones County. Other duties include processing passports, marriage licenses, and recording death and birth certificates, and issuing certified copies of these records as requested. We issue game licenses, register snowmobiles, ATV’s, and Boats.

I would like to continue working in my position as Jones County Recorder, and I would appreciate your continued support.

Marie Krutzfield and Kim Reynolds when participating in the Olin, Iowa parade.

Kim Reynolds joins candidates participating in the Olin, Iowa parade.

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